Erotic Encounters of the 4th Kind

Looking through the personal section I found a young woman with a sense of adventure I found greatly captivating.  I couldn’t the chance to see If our fantasies would mesh and lead to something more:out door fantasy

I responded:

out door fantasy mail

Tragically she has yet to respond.  Leaving me wondering what could have been.


Historic Trade


As a respected amateur historian and I am always on the look out for artifacts of interest.  I was fortunate enough to come across a piece of true americana. As any collector of things with too many things, I appealed to the salesman’s taste in the unusual and made him a counter offer he could not refuse:

klan mail

Shockingly I did not hear a response from this gentleman.  I once again must call into question the capabilities of the American businessman.  The seller would have benefited from this trade in more ways than can be quantified in a simple blog post, yet through a total lack of foresight decided to forgo my offer.  In the process he lost not only a $25 profit margin but also my respect as a collector of occult artifacts.

Art Collector


As any good American I spend lots of time on Craigslist looking to ever expand my collection of material possessions.  Recently I stumbled across this lack luster piece of art.  With a bit of vision on my side a could see potential yet fulfilled. Naturally I contacted the proprietor with a simple request:

lincon mail

Strangely the seller never replied.  So I now pose the question what ever happened to the ingenuity of the american business man?  Are there any craftsmen who value their work or wish to please the customer?  I do not know the answer to these questions but I fear that the age of the American pop artist is dead and with it the sole of our country.