Obscure and Pointless MLP Crossovers

Everyone remembers the phenomenon of men in their late 20’s watching a show aimed at 9 year-old girls.  This latest reincarnation of My Little Ponies took the internet by storm and 3+ years after it faded from the public eye it is still going pretty strong online.  One of the recurring themes in the MLP fandom is to forcibly bash MLP with some other entertainment property often a popular game like Modern Warfare or any anime series.  I found five so obscure even I was surprised by their existence.

1.Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


I found dozens of Doctor Who crossovers, but given the prolific cult status of the series it hardly seemed worth noting.  Another sci-fi series the Brits spat out that has faded from memory (comparatively speaking) is Hitchhikers guide By the late Douglas Adams.  NOT OBSCURE ENOUGH! or “yes why not, it is a popular series.” you may shout at your inanimate computer screen that remains totally ignorant of your plight and options.  I am aware that HHG has spawned a TV show and a Movie even a themed hotel still the MLP fusion remains curious to me.

2. The Black Cauldron


Most won’t remember The Black Cauldron, one of the few Disney movies of its time to be considered a failure, but that didn’t stop this MLP fan from creating a strange crossover.  From the sake of argument BC’s dungeons & dragons style story line does kind of fit with all of the magical and mythical creatures of MLP.

3. Xyber 9

anakonda__ xyber9

This one was hard to catch, based on an early 2000’s cartoon show about alien adventure stuff… The show never caught on and quickly faded from memory, but an MLP fan remembered.  I searched many 90’s cartoons and found few results, might want to get on that MLP fans.

4. Swat Cats

swat_ponies_by_coopergal24-d4j1oj3So I did find one 90’s cartoon Swat Cats.  You know the show where cat people used a high tech jet fighter to battle a wizard… am I remembering that series right???  Regardless the cat people Razor and T-bone are now Alicorns, that should make fighting that wizard easier.

5. Lexx


Remember Lexx a Canadian sci-fi show about a dead guy a sex slave and a cowardly security guard drifting through space.  Because of its pervy nature it was only shown on late night TV in the US.  The series is obscure enough that even its Wiki only has a basic plot overview and about three screen captures.  Someone remembering this show is a feat in its self, but deciding to go several steps further and spend hours vectoring the cast into ponies is a level of nerdom that should be feared and studied by science.